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Many of the blogs we write are sparked by discussions we have with our clients, partners, colleagues and friends. They offer best practices and strategic guidance from our perspective – while representing the voices of vendors and solution providers.

We Don’t Have Partnerships; We Have Relationships

Vendors need to recognize that they don’t have channel partnerships, but relationships that need cultivation and support to generate returns on investment.

6 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Channel Program

Vendors shouldn’t presume they must work with channel partners; they need to define why they need partners and why partners need them. These six questions can shape channel necessity and strategy.

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About The 2112 Group

The 2112 Group is a business strategy and research firm focused on improving the performance of companies’ direct and indirect channels through a portfolio of market-leading products and services. Accelerate and optimize your routes to market with The 2112 Group’s strategy, intelligence, and enablement services.



2019 Predictions

2112 lays out seven predictions based on contemporary trends that will unfold over the course of 2019 and beyond.

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