Palo alto networks

2015 Top 10 Emerging Threats: Number 2 - shadow IT

Solution providers need a change in strategy in 2015 to engage with this emerging threat

CCTV security

Post Sony hack, security appliance market remains red-hot

Growing security concerns continue to boost appliance sales


Palo Alto and NSS Labs bury the hatchet

The two firms kiss and make up after public spat over NGFW


Palo Alto's NSS pay-to-play accusations "dead wrong"

Testing house NSS hits back at Palo Alto's accusations of inaccuracy and lack of objectivity


Palo Alto Networks’ Traps shows volatility in endpoint protection

Palo Alto ventures away from its sweet spot in enterprise security with the launch of Traps, a complementary technology that safeguards endpoints from malware. The new product shows how endpoint security is shifting from traditional antivirus technologies.


MSP market saturation may lead to smaller players being dumped by vendors

Smaller players need to ensure that they don't fall prey to solution provider consolidation by vendors


Windows 10 service model raises enterprise, channel questions

Microsoft is banking on the fact that its next OS will be an improvement over prior iterations, but will the product’s sales model be as well received as the product itself?

Handshake in London

Microsoft Big Data acquisition shows willingness to embrace open platforms

The software giant embraces yet another open-source tool in R and stakes its claim in the analytics arena


U.S. patent system 'broken'

Patent 'trolls' wreaking havoc for technology in the U.S.