Cisco, Apple, Intel among giants blacklisted by Chinese government

Chinese officials choosing local IT kit instead

Old watch

Apple and Google anti-staff-poaching case end in sight - report

Case of four tech giants, including Apple and Google, accused of conspiring on non-poaching of staff may end today

Storm warning

IoT set to create a 'perfect storm' for public policy makers

Complexity of potential regulation and public policy must be noted


HP + 3D printing = industrial revolution - Weisler

Bold claims from HP EVP at CES


Intel triumphant in buoyant semiconductor market

Global semiconductor revenue up nearly eight percent annually, Gartner says


Made in China: Global vendors may miss out to home-grown technology

A business battle may be brewing with the increased tensions around security in light of repeated diplomatic finger pointing

CCTV security

Post Sony hack, security appliance market remains red-hot

Growing security concerns continue to boost appliance sales


Intel releases IoT platform

Firm aims to expand IoT ecosystem


Blue Coat appoints new COO, pushes for growth

Vendor lures industry veteran from Intel Security


Password fatigue? Intel has just the solution

Firm acquires Canadian firm PasswordBox


Lenovo’s next super challenge: Rebuilding trust after Superfish

The Superfish spyware scandal has tarnished Lenovo’s reputation, causing partners and customers to consider alternate brands


Humans and machines: A dynamic duo

In its latest tech report, Accenture predicts an increasingly ‘blended” workforce, with humans and technology working side by side to bolster efficiency, increase safety, and make great things happen


Efficiency is good, but effectiveness is better

To be truly effective, organizations need to measure both operational efficiency and performance


Vendor Q&A Series: Joe Sykora, Fortinet

The latest channel exec to sit in the Channelnomics hotseat is Fortinet's VP of operations and channels