Google partners give lending program thumbs up

Low-interest financing a hit so far

Rush hour

Data security being overlooked in rush to cloud

Clients still putting cost above security


Can Dell raise its Chromebook profile with tepid business play?

News that Dell is gunning for Chromebook incumbents from its position at the back of the pack is a bit of a channel head-scratcher

google logo headquarters sign search engine seo

Alphabet introduced as Google's mothership

Google spells out plan behind new parent company and CEO restructure on blog post


Channelnomics story of the month - July 2015

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Synergy Research: Domination by cloud's big four isn't going to change

Research firm says AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Google will keep topping smaller cloud providers


Microsoft's Hansen to lead Dropbox sales and channels

File sync-and-share vendor continues B2B push


Editor's voice: The week's channel chatter - 17 July 2015

What's been happening this week on Channelnomics?


Google Glass half-full?

The next version of the intelligent eyewear aims to iron out the kinks in Explorer and offers a promising value proposition to business users


Microsoft COO takes a swipe at Google, VMware, Cisco

WPC sees high energy presentation and catty competitor comments


Shadow IT: Emerging vulnerabilities and channel opportunities

Shadow IT may be tricky for end user organizations, but is an opportunity for the channel, says Secure Designs' Ron Culler


The good, the bad and the ugly - September 2015

Channelnomics examines the good news, bad news and downright ugly news that surrounded the channel in September


Channelnomics story of the month - September 2015

Check out which piece the Channelnomics team liked best


Size matters: MSPs need to strike the right balance

Too small and you may not be able to stay on top of what's happening in the channel. Too big and you may just lose your edge