Cloud computing

Financial services moving toward technology amid ‘crisis'

Industry will lean on cloud, mobility and more to increase customer satisfaction, Salesforce World Tour hears

Cloud computing circuit

Cloud computing, economics and the channel

What does growing cloud adoption mean for the economy, and will that change things for solution providers?


Walmart disrupts ‘Hotel California effect’ in cloud

With its OneOps open-source management platform, users can port data and resources easily among multiple cloud providers


IBM addressing end users' finance, HR with Meteorix buy

IBM announces planned acquisition of Workday services partner


The $100 million tech summer

Five companies set a new standard for investment rounds, revealing a possible indicator of where the venture community sees the tech market going

Horses running

Keeping up with enterprise cloud culture

ADTRAN tells partners what they need to know about enterprise business cloud adoption

Cloud computing

Cloud not the 'end game' - Gartner

Bova talks cloud transition and getting channel to understand social

Cloud computing

IDC: Industry-specific solutions to drive public cloud computing

Market expected to reach $70 billion by 2015 end


Lenovo: Focus on benefits when dealing with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 migration resistance

Vendor says highlighting the positives can ease customer concern

A single cloud floating in a clear blue sky

Survey: MSPs wanted for public cloud management

Digital Fortress survey examines cloud management outsourcing habits, trends


Why the channel is missing today’s DR opportunity

Disaster recovery can bring in the profits if you get it right, says's Eddie Tsiao

Thank you note

Five ‘thankworthy’ trends for the channel

Solution providers should count rising sales, great expectations for the new year and end users among their blessings this Thanksgiving

Big data

Big data means big profits

Big data analytics could soon be solution providers' top play - will you be prepared?

Artist impression of the Cable Network exploring the impact of the electric telegraph in the 19th century. C. 2013 Science Museum Universal Design Studio

Using what’s ‘new’ to shed light on the ‘old’

Digital signage, virtual reality and beacons are all the rage at some of the world’s most enterprising museums