10 Terrific Mobile Apps for Channel Partners

With an eye toward the way we work, sell and collaborate in the channel, here’s a list of go-to applications that can make your technology business more efficient and profitable.

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mobile appsLet’s face it, with 800,000-plus mobile apps available for both iOS and Android, the chances of stumbling upon the perfect business enabler by happenstance are pretty slim. With an eye toward the way we work, sell and collaborate in the channel, here’s a list of go-to applications that can help make your technology business more efficient and profitable.

>>> NEXT : Contactually

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This lightweight CRM solution for e-mail users can help you gain referrals and repeat business, and strengthen relationships with people in your network by automatically and intelligently prompting you to follow up with your most important contacts at key times. Works with Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP e-mail platforms and integrates with Salesforce, Highrise and SugarCRM. www.contactually.com

>>> NEXT : Asana



A shared task management tool, Asana excels at things like connecting tech and marketing teams on joint projects without endless e-mail threads and multiple meetings. Simply set a goal and track project progress while keeping everything prioritized and organized. The Asana digital office organizer is free for up to 15 users. asana.com

>>> NEXT : Evernote



You never know where or when creative genius will strike. Be prepared for your muse with this app that collects and organizes your ideas in almost any form, from photos and Web screen shots to scribbles and voice recordings.  Take advantage of Evernote’s cloud storage to access your notes with the PC version to turn your ideas into action. www.evernote.com

>>> NEXT : MobileDay



This simple productivity app sounds almost too good to be true. MobileDay pulls meeting details from your calendar, organizes your conferences calls and automatically dials you in and enters your access code at the appropriate time, including all of the cursed #s, *s, and 1s. Works with GoToMeeting, Google+ Hangouts, WebEx, FaceTime and Skype. mobileday.com

>>> NEXT : SignNow



This digital signature app is simple, elegant and a real time saver, and it can help you close deals faster, reduce errors and lost files and cut costs. Tired of waiting two weeks for a contract signature? Now clients can endorse documents securely in minutes, and SignNow does double duty automating workflows by tracking, monitoring, resending and cancelling documents in progress. signnow.com

>>> NEXT : WorldCard Mobile


WorldCard Mobile

As any trip to a technology conference event will tell you, those quaint cardboard anachronisms known as business cards refuse to go away. The WorldCard Mobile app takes the hassle out of sorting through that stack of cards in your purse or jacket pocket after the event by capturing an image, recognizing name, company, position, address, phone number, e-mail address, then firing that info over to your contact list. Works in multiple languages and is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but not BlackBerry. worldcard.penpowerinc.com

>>> NEXT : TripIt



This popular app from Concur likely needs no introduction, but for those who haven’t used it, TripIt sets the standard for managing travel on the go. The app handles every aspect of your business travel and delivers a concise and unified itinerary to keep you on track when you’re on the road. www.tripit.com

>>> NEXT : Shoeboxed



If TripIt takes some of the hassle out of organizing your travel, Shoeboxed addresses another big headache on the road: managing your receipts for cab fare, breakfast, bar tabs, etc. Just take a pic of the receipt, add a note and your T&E is in order. You’ll appreciate this app come tax time as well. www.shoeboxed.com

>>> NEXT : Hello Vino

Hello Vino

Hello Vino

Rare is the business trip that doesn’t mix a little pleasure with business. For the channel pro trying to impress colleagues and clients, ordering the perfect wine can prove vexing. Enter Hello Vino, a lightweight app that can make you look like an armchair sommelier when the pressure’s on and the waiter is looking down his nose at you. Using a simple, step-by-step Q&A, Hello Vino makes wine recommendations based on food pairing, occasion, taste and region. Bottoms up. www.hellovino.com

>>> NEXT : Endomondo



We say this because we care. We’ve seen you around the breakfast buffets and the evening cocktail mixers. All this conferencing and collaborating may have you a little out of fighting shape. When picking mobile apps, make sure to include one for yourself, like Endomondo. This social fitness tracking app is available on every mobile platform and uses GPS to keep tabs on how far you walk, run or bike during your workouts. Bonus, it connects with social platforms like Facebook to help you brag about your progress and solicit digital encouragement. www.endomondo.com

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